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Whether you're looking for kitchen or bathroom water traps or just some nifty accessories, you'll find them all right here. If you already know what product you're looking for, you can search directly for a product name, family or product number.


Our pre-assembled water traps for kitchens are durable, flexible and space saving. You might not know this yet, but these things will make you very happy. Our kitchen products have a telescopic design that allows many different fitting options.

Water traps for kitchens


No matter how your bathroom looks you’ll find a water trap from Prevex that gets the job done. Our water traps are easy to clean and also minimise the risk of leaks, while making assembly quick and easy – also in demanding work environments.

Water traps for bathrooms

Scandinavian simplicity

Traditional water traps are agonising to assemble and a nightmare to clean. Who wants that? That’s why we're committed to creating better water traps. We work with professionals to figure out how to make plumbing quicker and easier. So, if you’re ready to invest in a kitchen or bathroom solution that will last as long as your house, Prevex is your number one choice. Install it and forget about it – that’s our philosophy.

We're here to help

Remember all those times you didn’t want to think about water traps? Yeah. Lucky for you, we enjoy thinking about them. We also happen to manufacture the best water traps in the world. We’ve cared for plumbing since 1955, so we’ve got you covered. Whatever the problem, a piece of Prevex will fix it.

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